Business Alliance

The mission of school- based business alliances is to link the resources from the community stakeholders to enhance the School-to-Career transition of every student, as they become responsible and productive citizens.

Business Alliances provide students with opportunities for: 

The business alliance is a collaborative partnership between business leaders throughout the community and educators at our area middle schools and high schools.  The mission of the business alliance is to provide support and workplace realities for teachers and students and to be catalysts for engaging business and community organizations to prepare all students to be career focused and globally competitive.  The career and life expertise of business leaders provides students with the relevancy between education and future careers.  School- based business alliances typically meet on a monthly basis to develop action steps towards meeting the goals aligned with the School Improvement Plan.  

Career-based alliance activities include: 

                                    Career Expos                                   Guest speaking 

                                    Practice job interviews                   Field trips/site tours 

                                    Job Shadowing                                 Internship 

                                    Business ethics discussion            Resume reviews